Presentation av domarna på JSK Mästerskap 2019

Margaret Cox

Margret Cox
Margret Cox

I started out with Spaniels about 23 years ago going to trials and helping steward and carry game and watching my partner train his for trialling.

I entered my first AV Novice Spaniel trial with my first ESS in October 1999 (20 years ago!!!) and I got a  CofM and I was completely hooked on this sport.

Since then I  have made up 2 FTCH’s and have qualified for the ESS Championships on 5 separate occasions, the first time was 2008.

I am an A panel Spaniel judge.

I consider it to be an honor and a privilege to be asked to judge these Championships, and I am very much looking forward to watching some good dogs and meeting new people.

Alice Wise

Woodabudge Gundogs

I have lived in Cornwall all my life being brought up around farming. having competed with horses to a high level.

Gundogs followed on from horses in later years, with my first field trials award in 2002 with a dog I had bred myself.  Since then I have competed regularly in novice and open trials and tests.

My achievements so far have been 5 novice trial wins, two open wins making a FTCH and qualifying for the Championships. as well as numerous working test wins.

I passed my judges exam in 2011, and I was invited to judge my first field trial by the English Springer Spaniel Club of Wales in 2011, since then I have achieved my B Panel.

My first love is the Springer Spaniels, but last year I ran my first cocker Ria and was awarded a 2nd. 3rd and COM.

I have represented England 6 times, 5 for the England Team at the CLA game-fair and at Anglesey.

I am delighted and honored to be judging the 2019 Swedish Championships.