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The Landing Theme is great as it comes pre-built with multiple layouts that can be loaded on any page using the Builder. Check out this tutorial to see how the Builder layouts work.


The theme is also built with various header styles. You have the option to make it transparent, hide, or place it on the left. There are also other styles that customizes the placement of your logo.


We’ve packed this theme with multiple extendable Addons. All of which, comes built into the theme allowing you have the most flexibility when managing your content!

Landing pages is a great way for you to attract more business for your brand, or to connect with your community.

A blogger from Inbound Now wrote a very interesting article called “7 Killer Ways Landing Pages Benefit & Market your Business“. It outlines various ways on how you can benefit from creating landing pages for your business.

Get a theme that’ll enhance, market, and grow your business now!

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 Create a testimonial section on your landing page. Simply insert an icon and an image on the row to copy the same look as this layout.

 – John PurdueThemify Team


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